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VAT: Impact on Businesses in Bahrain
by Adnan Manzoor | DEC 27, 2018
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One of our resident VAT experts, Adnan speaks about how VAT can have an impact on businesses in Bahrain by highlighting the following key points:-

  • Impact on Revenue
  • Procurement and Input Tax
  • Contracts & Policies
  • Record Keeping, IT & ERP Systems
  • Compliances

He also emphasized that Affiniax can help in the following ways :-

  • VAT impact assessments
  • Advise on tax-efficient structuring/
  • Drafting of Sample Tax Invoices & Tax Credit Notes
  • Registering and filing VAT returns
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VAT in United Arab Emirates: What Is It And What Are The Impacts?

Why is VAT being introduced? The Ministry of Finance and the wider GCC have agreed to implement Value added tax (VAT) at a rate of 5% from 1 January 2018.

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Recent Development in UAE VAT Law

One of our resident VAT experts, Sudarshan speaks about the new guidelines and clarifications published by the FTA during last few months at IFA Dubai Branch Meeting on December 22,2018.

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UAE VAT and the exchange rate, how does tax affect currency exchanges and your business?

When a supply is made in any currency other than AED all taxable persons must use the Central Bank's published exchange rates for the purposes of converting invoices issued in foreign currencies into the local currency (UAE Dirham) and calculate the VAT liability accordingly.

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