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Affiniax Partners joins Allinial Global
by Sumeet Nayyar | MAR 21, 2019
Affiniax joins Allinial Global network .png

Affiniax Partners is very pleased to announce it has joined Allinial Global (formerly PKF North America), a member-based association that has dedicated itself to the success of independent accounting and consulting firms since its founding in 1969. Allinial Global is based in North America but offers international support by connecting its firms to providers and global networks of accounting firms worldwide, fostering the independence, profitability, and continuous improvement of its members. Affiniax Partners has 4 partners and a total of 60+ employees.

“We joined Allinial Global because of our strong commitment to our clients,” said Sumeet Nayyar, CEO & Partner. “Through this global association, we will have access to cutting edge skill-building and niche information designed to bring greater profitability to the business owners we serve. We will enjoy all the advantages of national firm resources while still maintaining our independent status.”

Allinial Global firms continually seek new ways to better meet the needs of their clients. In this cooperative environment, firms share ideas, training programs, and technical expertise. “We look forward to being active participants in the Allinial Global association, working closely with other successful firms nationwide,” commented Sumeet Nayyar.

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