Modern business owners face considerable challenges in managing time and the vast array of commercial pressures that come with the turf. With these multiple challenges and priority, often given ahead of what may be considered transactional functions, Affiniax offers tailored solutions for you. We can advise and implement on the right policies and procedures that will work for your environment managing book keeping, accounting, and payroll assistance. This can ease your administrative burden and allow you to concentrate on what you do best, operating your business at the front line. The expertise of our accounting teams ensure compliance with local regulations such as Company Law, Labour Law, etc. , presentation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS, VAT regulations and so on. In addition to providing accurate financial reports on the historic performance and position of the business, we are able to also assist in key decision making by providing forecasts and budgets for the business. This value addition goes hand in hand with our outsourced CFO services, whereby our senior professionals are able to advise clients on the direction in which the business is heading and provide advice on corrective measures to be taken.

Outsourced Accounting in Dubai

Outsourcing an accounting or HR function in Dubai may seem like a strange concept to many small business owners in the UAE, as conventional wisdom dictates that an organization should always perform all functions in-house, wherever possible. However, modern schools of management suggest that growing businesses actually benefit far more by focusing on their core competency and outsourcing ancillary functions at a lower cost.

Therefore if you are a sales-based organization, you would ensure that marketing and sales are all done in-house, but ancillary functions such as accounting, HR and legal are outsourced. The benefits from this approach can be manifold:

  1. Allow your team to focus on their core competencies: Time spent on other tasks is time taken away from their core competency, in cases where employees are used for functions outside their primary role/
  2. Provide your Organization with greater flexibility: Outsourcing allows you to hire team members based on seasonal requirements, instead of being saddled with an added annual cost.
  3. Save on overheads: When you outsource these functions instead of hiring an additional employee, you save on overheads such as sick days, leave and visa costs.
  4. Allows for greater expertise: Outsourcing these functions allows you to bring in experts with a wealth of experience, who may have otherwise been beyond your organization’s budget.

Affiniax Partners offers several models for companies to outsource their accounting, such as:

  1. Outsourced Bookkeeping Service
  2. Deputed Accountant
  3. Outsourced Finance Manager
  4. Outsourced CFO Services
  5. Payroll Services

In order to learn more about one of the specific models, please click on the link or get in touch with us.

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