Many businesses have a temporary requirement for accountants due to their peak season demands or shortage of staff. At Affiniax, we provide such businesses with a viable alternative by allowing them to hire our accountants on a deputed or part-time basis, based entirely on their requirements. This allows them to bridge the gap of temporary requirement of staff and ensure an accountant with far more technical expertise and experience at a reduced cost. Such deputation could be on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis as per the requirement of the company. We can also depute our staff on assignment or project completion basis. To ensure that quality and expectation of our client is maintained, we perform a fortnight review of duties performed as per the scope agreed with the client. We also ensure the person has the experience and proper training is provided in the relevant sector.

Why Outsource Accounting Function

Some of the key benefits of outsourcing accounting operations include reducing cost by saving on the annual salary of an employee, including their visa costs, sick leaves and annual leaves. This in turn frees up your budget to hire someone with a core competency that your company either lacks or requires- making your company more efficient in the long run on the same budget.

It also allows you to get someone with more experience and better qualifications than your budget would have otherwise permitted you to hire, ensuring greater competency on a lower budget as far as the accounts department is concerned.

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