How to create a healthy working environment

Affiniax Participates in Dubai Chamber Sustainability Week 2020

Affiniax Partners was one of the 51 participants of the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Week 2020 Campaign from 18th October – 5th November.

We actively organized sessions to create a healthy and happy atmosphere for our employees. We organized an in-house virtual Hatha Yoga session to kick off this campaign.

Yoga session was followed by the Breast Cancer Awareness webinar organized by Zulekha Hospital and Friends of Cancer Patients. The major highlight of this webinar was Awareness on Breast Cancer and the Importance of Early Detection.

We then organized Weave the People session where we discussed issues faced due to Work from Home (WFH) by engaging leaders, managers and employees in honest discussion, and involving them in generation of practical and permanent steps to overcome those issues.

We also participated in Stretch and Stabilize webinar for a brief discussion and practice on stretching by Yoga Acharya from ‘Pratimoksha‘ and an Intense HIIT training session of 30 minutes by the Wellness Coach of Oman Insurance.

We concluded this campaign by organizing the session on the topic- Mental and Emotional Wellbeing during WFH. We witnessed the highest participation in this session. We formed groups and discussed with our group members the 3 things EVERYONE can do to manage their mental wellbeing.

We checked the happiness rate of the participants through an anonymous post campaign survey. 67% of the employees said that they were Happy with the sessions and 33% of them were Very Happy with these sessions.