How to manage employees effectively using ISO Management standards

The Importance of Correctly Managing Your Team

Many businesses, no matter what the size, forget their most important asset. Their staff! It’s not easy when you, as a business owner, CEO, or General Manager, are constantly trying to balance profit and loss, fight suppliers, or chase debtors to remember that there is a team below you waiting for leadership, decisions, and support.

Communication, as we all know, is key in any business. However, it is all too often overlooked when it comes to internal communications. Business leaders need information to make good, solid business decisions. So, they need accurate, timely information from their Heads of Departments (HoDs). These HoDs need to collect and collate the information required from their teams. But if the teams don’t know what information, in what format, when, and why, that information will be slow, possibly incomplete, or inaccurate.

A team is created by working together towards a common objective, supporting each other, and providing clear and consistent input to the next in line’s process. This requires leadership, knowledge, and support. Every member of a team is important. Every member of a team needs to know why they are important and feel important. A team needs developing, which means that each team member needs developing, not just within the business, but within the person.

The 3 main ISO management systems, all now in a new and improved format, help place the individual staff member, no matter what role, within the system. It helps business leaders to put in place those processes and procedures that will enable staff to feel part of the team, support them, develop them, and, in doing so, provide consistent, high quality, and safe services and products to your customers in order to meet or, better still, exceed your expectations for them.

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