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Affiniax Partners collaborates with Pagero for KSA Compliance

Affiniax Partners is very pleased to announce it has collaborated with Pagero, a digital solution company with 20+ offices worldwide that has dedicated itself to the success of multiple conglomerates since its founding in 2009. Pagero is offering support to companies through the digitalisation of the accounts receivable and payables process; and distribution of electronic invoices in line with their ERP system. It provides access to an open, global, cloud-based network that makes on-boarding, connecting and compliance effortless.

The e-invoicing mandate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, implemented from December 4 th 2021 (Phase 1), means that each invoice issued by the resident taxable person in KSA will be required to meet certain format specifications laid down under the law. The taxpayers are required to generate and archive invoices electronically according to the new content requirement. Under the implementation plan, ZATCA will be notifying taxpayers within 6 months’ before 1 st December 2023 (Phase 2) to connect with the invoicing platform.

Our collaboration will ensure that our KSA clients are compliant with the local laws of the country, implementing changes within their existing model where necessary. We continually seek new ways to better meet the needs of our clients by sharing ideas, training programs, and technical expertise. We look forward to being an active contributor in this digital transformation phase in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To know more about the project or the compliance requirements in KSA, please contact our Affiniax Partners team.

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