“Why do we need a procedure or a process? What is so important about having set standards?”

This might be the most frequently thought of answer when someone refers to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

But do you know what a SOP is?

SOPs are documented processes that organisations maintain to have consistency in all their service and product offering, thereby ensuring that work remains uninterrupted at the absence of a specific key employee(s).

At every organisation and level, it is very important for every employee to have clarity in their work process, identify their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities at each level. SOP’s help in adding the necessary foundation for most activities within an organization.


  1. Consistency – Consistency is required at every stage and for each and every product or service we deliver, starting from initiation, development, production and delivery. SOP’s clearly specify a step-by-step process for a job, ensuring quality in every work done and delivered.
  2. Clarity – Every employee will have clarity in their job roles and responsibilities resulting in increased productivity and decrease in probability of errors.
  3. Compliance –By having a set standards, we can ensure that your organisation’s standards for quality and consistency are met during every single delivery.
  4. Communication –Job related process and procedures shall be clearly communicated to the employees thereby reducing the risk of errors. Employees can directly refer to the SOP to understand how to get a work done.
  5. Time Saving– Documented procedures can reduce training time and can act as references for employees to work independently without support of superiors.
  6. Upgradation– Digitalisation and migration to new systems shall be made easier with SOPs as various meetings/discussions can be avoided to understand the process followed in the organisation.


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