We were recently honored with “Mark of Excellence” for “Best HR Transformation & Change Management Strategy” at the Future Workplace Awards on November 13, 2018 at Park Hyatt, Dubai.The initiative to transform the HR practices at our workplace was rolled in the last quarter of 2017 by our leadership team with the goals of improving productivity and performance management, automating HR, developing people- friendly policies and redesigning HR processes.Therefore, the focus was on ‘the big picture’ for successful transformation.
“We intended to boldly pursue today’s inevitable journey to transform the traditional HR operating model via fully integrated change management strategies and strategically managed HR transformation.”Sumeet Nayyar-CEO& Partner
“We aimed to develop and execute on the right plan by focusing on the people first.”Nihar Kothari –Partner
“We encouraged curiosity across all facets of the organization which opened people’s minds allowing them to try new things differently.”Abeer Syed – Partner
” We created a vision for change which helped us to direct, align and inspire employees.”Tanmay Saxena – Senior Manager, Tax and Compliance Advisory
Our leaders recognized the huge trends that are emerging very rapidly and started working proactively to respond strategically every step of the way. The following action-plan was laid down.
Transform HR practicesHire a dedicated HR personnel
HR Audit
  • Audit policies according to UAE Labor Law
Establish retention strategies that promote the Firm as a great place to work/live.
  • Develop people friendly policies and procedures
  • Employee engagement activities
Employee HandbookComprehensive development of handbook including updated policies
HR Automation by ensuring process simplification and retaining the “human touch” and avoid creating a feeling that the HR function has been depersonalized
  • Employee self service
  • Automating leave management
Revamping Performance ManagementDevelopment of a PM model that aligns with business objectives
“We adopted a realistic approach towards change management as it concentrated on reinforcing the people side of equation combined with effort to manage and execute the change.”Affiniax Management
“Our most senior leadership believed in and supported the idea of revamping the Performance Management Framework — a framework focused on fueling performance in the future rather than assessing it in the past.”Sheeba Mirza, HR Executive
We introduced the KPI and MSC model to develop our employees by weighting the KPIs and competencies so that there is a clarity of goals and competencies among the employees to deliver business outcomes.Challenge: The challenge was just around change. We were sort of used to the rhythms of the old systemKICKOFF: There were phased roll-outs:
  • Mid-2018: May- We chose two departments with a pilot approach – Consulting and Corporate.
  • Training session was held by the HR Executive for the line managers and their direct reports to make them understand the model.
  • July 2018- We added the other departments – Audit, Accounts, Administration and Taxation later in the year.
  • Formation of steering groups consisting of HR Executive, Director and the Line Manager of each department.
  • And by the end of August 2018 we have covered all the departments.
Revamping Performance Management Framework – MSCs and KPIsEmployees are clear in understanding “how” to deliver on the expectations of “what” is expected. 70% weightage: KPIs and 30% weightage: Competencies
Free HR softwareAutomating HRMS thereby saving time, cost and increasing employees’ productivity.
  • Online Leave application system
  • Employee self service
People friendly workplace
  • Work from Home – 10 working days in a year.
  • Employee Referral Program
  • Complimentary Paid Leave – 2 festival leaves and a Birthday Leave every year.
  • Harassment Policy & Procedure
  • Team building activities such as monthly birthday celebrations, IWD 2018.
L&D Programs – YLP, FLP and Management Development ProgramDevelopment of employees at the entry, mid and senior level through customized learning programs.
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